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Angola: SME Arrests 79 DRC Citizens for Illegal Stay in Zaire

Mbanza Congo — Seventy-nine citizens from DR Congo (DRC) were interpellated and arrested in the last seven days by the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) in the northern Zaire province, for their illegal stay in the country.

Angop learnt on Monday in Mbanza Congo, the citizens have been arrested as a result of routine actions that the National Police, in partnership with the SME, are developing in all municipalities of the region, in order to discourage illegal immigration.

He adds that compared to last week, there was an increase of 62 foreigners interpellated and detained by the local police and immigration authorities for illegal entry and stay in the country.

As for the border perimeter, the note from the provincial police command of Zaire reports it was foiled three attempts to breach the northern border of Angola to the DRC, more two than in the past week.

It indicates that as a result of the events, five citizens were arrested, including three from DRC and two Angolans, the latter accused of facilitating the illegal entry of foreigners in the country.

After the operating record, the document adds, foreigners were sent to the provincial department of Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) for appropriate treatment, while the nationals are under the jurisdictions of the justice.

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