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Angola: Zaire – 40 Congolese Citizens Detained in Nzeto for Illegal Entry

Nzeto — Forty citizens from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who wanted to reach Luanda illegally, were interpellated and detained on Wednesday by the National Police in Nzeto municipality, northern Zaire province.

According to the municipal commander of the National Police in Nzeto, Superintendent Maria Helena Zita, in statements to the press, the lorry transporting those illegal immigrants was stopped in Fulanguvo locality, 20 kilometers from Nzeto.

He explained that the group of these foreigners was being guided by an Angolan citizen who charged the USD 70 each, in order to take them to the country’s capital, Luanda, where they should be settled.

He added that this group of illegal immigrants has been forwarded to the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) in Mbanza Congo, for proper treatment.

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