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Angola: Zaire – Migration Service Repatriates Over Six Thousand Foreigners

Mbanza Congo

— At least 6,867 foreign citizens were repatriated this year, in the northern Zaire Province, by the local department of Migration and Foreigners Service (SME), due to their illegal entrance and stay in the Angolan territory.

The data were given last Wednesday, in Mbanza Congo City, by the provincial delegate of the Ministry of the Interior, Manuel Gouveia, when making an assessment of the activities carried out by the local SME in the year 2015.

Manuel Gouveia, who is also the provincial commander of the National Police, said that in relation to the year 2014, it was recorded an increase of 203 repatriated citizens, with the highest number being from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

He also revealed that for the coming year the SME in Zaire Province will double the border inspection and monitoring work aiming to discourage illegal immigration.

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