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Home Affairs looks to digital to stop corruption

Home Affairs Director General Mkuseli Apleni says for as long as his department is using paper, corruption will not be curbed.

Speaking on Morning Live, Apleni says the solution to corruption in the Department of Home Affairs is to modernise the system from paper to digital.

On any given weekday somewhere between 500 and well over a 1000 people line up at the Marabastad office of the Department of Home Affairs, in downtown Pretoria.

The queues are made up of foreign nationals hoping to have their paperwork processed to confirm or reconfirm their status as asylum seekers or refugees in South Africa.

The Home Affairs Director General has urged people to refrain from offering their officials bribery.

A week ago Corruption Watch released a report on corruption in the Home Affairs immigration system.

The report focused its investigations into allegations of extortion, threats and bribery by government officials

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