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Quota work permit procedure in South Africa

All current holders of Quota work permit who are required to submit annual reports as a condition of their permit are advised to

follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • Previously the client would approach the regional office of Home Affairs and submit the required documents as part of their reporting. With the repealing of the Quota work permit this function has not be carried over to VFS. To remedy the situation and to ensure a smoother transition, an email address: [email protected] has been set up to allow the clients to continue to comply with the condition of Quota Reporting. Clients will not be required to approach VFS for this service.
  • Current holders of Quota work permits are advised to submit CLEAR and READABLE copies of the following documents via the email address mentioned above:
    • Valid contract of employment,
    • Certified Proof of registration with relevant professional body, board or council, where required,
    • Comprehensive CV,
    • Testimonials,
    • Certified Proof of SAQA evaluation certificate of qualifications; and
    • Certified copies of pages in passport reflecting personal details and quota work permit obtained.
  • On receipt of the required documents the Department of Home Affairs will issue the client with a compliance letter confirming whether the client continues to comply with the conditions of the work visa issued to them. The compliance letter will be signed and scanned back to the applicant via the email from which the applicant sent the required documents.This process is only applicable to persons who are due to report. This email will not receive any new applications and should not be used to make enquiries. All enquiries in this regard should be made to (012) 425-3000
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