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Translation Services

Business Translations

GIA works with specialized translators that work in the area of “Business translation” have expertise, specific industry knowledge and knowledge of regional languages. They also have an excellent command of necessary subject terminology. As native speakers of the target language, they are highly qualified to translate texts for business and trade. They naturally compensate for culturally based differences in thought pattern.

The advantage for you: A specialist translation that no one will know is a translation.

Business Translation Services at GIA

  • Specialist translation for Afrikaans – Trade/Business English
  • Translations of all business-based documents, such as correspondences, quotes, assessments
  • Translations of testimonials, certificates of employment and employment records
  • Translations for business administration: balance sheets, business reports, protocols, pay slips
  • Specialist translation of patent specifications
  • Specialist translation of technical data and documents
  • Translations of guidelines, product descriptions, and maintenance instructions, e.g. into technical English
  • Translations of general terms and conditions, e.g. into business English, or business Russian, business Spanish, etc. .
  • Translations of all types of contracts from the fields of business, trade and industry
  • Business translation of leaflets and company brochures
  • Specialist translation of catalogues and technical texts, e.g. into business English
  • Translation into trade/business English, French, Italian, Spanish… Every language in the world available upon request
  • Translation into technical English, French, Italian, Spanish… Every language available upon request.
  • Business translations for Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East…

Professionally competent translations for business require specialist knowledge in the areas of sales, law, technology, science or marketing. The specialist translators at GIA have excellent technical knowledge of business and trade. They guarantee linguistically perfect translations of business texts for all language areas and continents (for example, Asia, Eastern Europe or Africa) in every language and dialect in the world.


Simultaneous interpreters for business and trade

The portfolio of offerings for business and trade is rounded out by yet another service. GIA’s simultaneous interpreters, who have been specially trained in the areas of business and trade, will safely and reliably guide you through the world of multilingual business.

They simultaneously translate

  • at conferences
  • difficult negotiations
  • and events

in every language and dialect in the world.