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Nominee Services


Nominees can play an important role in the way parties hold certain rights, whether shares in a company or registered rights over assets. Legal ownership will be in the hands of the nominee, with beneficial ownership held by the client.

We can offer a range of Nominee Services to maintain the anonymity of the beneficial owners of the company, or to enable the company to meet its statutory obligations.

Nominee Director

If the Directors of a company wish to remain anonymous, we can provide a local resident Director to be appointed as a Director of the company with Companies House.

Nominee Secretary

As required, We provide the service of a Nominee Company Secretary registered with Companies House. This service can be used when the company is statutorily obliged to appoint a Company Secretary (e.g. in a Public Limited Company) or where an additional signatory is required on documents.

We will act as Secretary in name only and the service does not include the performance of secretarial duties. The service does, however, include the signing of documents in the capacity of secretary when requested.

Nominee Shareholder

Should the shareholders of the company not wish their shareholding to be public knowledge then we can hold the shares of the company through one or more registered companies as nominees for the beneficial owner.

We will sign a declaration of trust stating that the beneficial ownership lies with your client and that we will vote for all resolutions in accordance with the beneficial owner’s instructions. We will also renounce all dividends in favour of the beneficial owner.