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South Africa – NRCS LoA (Letter of Authority)

South Africa – NRCS LoA (Letter of Authority)

Export safety products to South Africa

Established in 2008, the ‘National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications ( NRCS)’ develops and administers compulsory specifications that products need to comply with in order to protect health, safety or the environment. E.g. electrical and electronic apparatus and components or offered for sale in South Africa must comply with compulsory specifications that base on internationally accepted standards and national deviations of South Africa.

The conformity assessment procedure involves a registration of the manufacturer or importer, testing by an accredited laboratory and issuance of a ‘Letter of Authorization (LoA)’ by NRCS.

LOA’s are required by all manufacturers and importers of commodities that fall under the scope of compulsory specifications (VCs) prior to the importation and sale of the product. Also new and used vehicles of different kinds as well as specific vehicle components require a LoA for their import to South Africa.

Detailed Information

  • Technical aspects: Safety, Energy Efficiency
  • Sample testing:  Conditionally
  • Validity:  3 years

Product Scope


E.g. Electrical & Electronic apparatus, electric power tools, cables, switches, plugs & sockets, and specific lamps.


E.g. Motor vehicles of categories M1-M3, N1-N3, O1 – O4 and L

Pneumatic tyres

Safety glass

Brake linings

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